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    The company is specialized in manufacturing DHT bit, DHT hammer, air-leg rock drill, product quality has reached advanced level in the industry.
    Who we are?
    We, Shandong ZHONGRUI Construction Co., Ltd (registered trade mark "ZR” rock drilling tools, hereinafter referred to as ZHONGRUI) is an ISO9001 certificated manufacturer of various high quality rock drilling tools wildly used in mining, quarrying, construction,>> more
    Zhongrui will attend MINExpo INTERNATIONAL 2016 2016-3-11
    Zhongrui attended AIMEX 2015 successfully 2015-9-10
    Zhongrui will attend AIMEX 2015 2015-6-6
    Bauma China 2014 2014-9-15
    ISO9001 annual examination 2013-7-23
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    All rights reserved Shandong Zhongrui Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. Qihua Network To provide technical support
    Add:No.3701, Zhuangjian Road, Kuiwen Economic Development District, Weifang City, Shandong Province, China
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